Garage flooring Chicago

Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Floor

The garage is the one room in the house that probably gets the harshest treatment.  The garage is used for parking our cars at night, for holding all of the tools and other items we don’t want in the house and is a great place to do projects that are too messy for anywhere else.  With all of this activity it isn’t too shocking that our Garage flooring Chicago needs to be attended to on a regular basis.

Oil spills

Oil and other chemicals are going to be a constant annoyance in your garage. These can come from leaks or from doing oil changes in your garage.  When you see an oil spill the best thing to do is either throw cat litter on it or sawdust.  These materials will help absorb the oil and grease hopefully quick enough to prevent staining.

Leaves and debris

When we have our garage doors open leaves and other debris will blow inside.  This can make your garage a mess to maintain.  Spending a few minutes every week sweeping out your garage will keep these leaves out and in a manageable state.


Installing peg boards in the garage will help keep your floors clean.  Hanging tools, cords, nuts and bolts will keep them in reach and organized.  It is also important to have respect for your tools.  If you care for your tools they will be able to work on your projects quickly and cleanly. 

Garage flooring Chicago

Floor treatments

For many, doing a floor treatment to your garage such as epoxy will create an effective protective barrier on the garage floor.  Before applying epoxy however you will need to toughly sweep and clean your floors. If your floors have any dust or dirt on them the epoxy will not look right giving an uneven and dirty look to your floor.