Fire Prevention Tips

A fire is something we really want to avoid at all costs.  Even though fire does aid us greatly in our lives, having a fire rage out of control can cause devastation that many can never recover from.  Having Fire alarm services Oahu HI in our homes and buildings will aid us in preventing fires from starting and spreading.  For those looking for some specific actions that they can take, here are a few to try.

Don’t leave fire unattended

It only takes a split second for a fire to get out of control.  A stray gust of wind, an ember and dry grass, these are all the components to a disaster.  If you are burning candles, starting a camp fire or lighting a cigarette make sure that you extinguish the fire before tossing the match and never leave a fire unattended.

Keep fires at least ten feet away

A ten-foot buffer between your BBQ and your house, a campfire and your tents or any fire source and something combustible is recommended.  If you can move farther away that is even better. 

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Don’t tamper with or disable detectors

Smoke detectors are designed to go off when they detect smoke.  That is their primary function.  Removing batteries, tampering with sensors and more will void their ability to function.  Many people will think they are slick by doing this to detectors so they can smoke a cigarette or vape. 

What they don’t consider is how this will eventually affect other people.  If a real fire goes out and the detector is unable to process the smoke, then lives could be lost.  If you are in a situation where you need to smoke, be an adult about it and smoke in the designated areas.

Putting people in danger for your selfish actions is something no one can live with.